Sofia Carson: It's Only Love, Nobody Dies




Music Video



The music video for Sofia Carsson's hit single "Nobody Dies" showcases our team's expertise in set extension and full CG environments. Since the music video was shot in a small studio setting, we were tasked with expanding that world using visual effects.

Our artists has created a visually stunning imaginary world in only a couple of weeks.

Director: Uri Schutzer - Production Company: Dreambear - Executive Producers: Evan Brown & Dave Gelb - Producer: Jeff Kopchia - Production Manager: Cara Braglia - Production Designer: Jonny Diina - Supervising Producers: Aili Nicholson & Nicolette Moreno - Assistant Director: Michael Rumba - Director of Photography: Peter Mosiman - Stylist: Nicolas Bru - Makeup Artist: Karan Michelle - Hair: Caile Nobel - Post Producer: Bradley Crawford - Art Director: Ciara Flyn - VFX: Surpreeze - VFX Supervisor: The Kroot / Tomash Kuzmytskyi - SPFX: Rene Diamante & Damon Sarafian - Editor: Matt Carter - Colorist: Loren White - Sound Designer: Dalton Harts - Set Dresser: Matt Walker