We were tasked with a range of responsibilities, including VFX on-set supervision via a live link from the location in Canada. Our VFX supervisor worked closely with the on-set team to ensure that all the shots were captured effectively and with the necessary elements required for the post-production process.

In post production we had to do extensive clean-up, 3D-work and motion graphics. Our team was first responsible for cleaning up any unwanted elements in the footage. This included removing any cameras, lamps, tracking markers and more.

Finally, our 3D team added an extra touch to the commercial by creating a few elements that couldn't be captured on set. These included the creation of 3D models, set extensions and animations that were seamlessly integrated into the live-action footage, enhancing the overall visual impact of the commercial.

Director: Jackson Tisi - Animation & VFX Production Company: Dreambear - Production Company: Fela - Executive Producer: Fuliane Petikyan & Taj The Black Lion - Director of Photography: Zoe Simone-Yi - VFX Supervisor: Surpreeze - VFX Producer: Bradley Crawford - Editors: Nick Yumul & Married to Giants