Marshmello, Juice WRLD: Bye Bye




Music Video



"Bye Bye" is a music video collaboration between electronic dance music producer Marshmello and rapper/singer Juice WRLD. The video showcases a surrealistic world created by our team, who conceptualized, designed, and brought to life a unique environment using 3D animation and compositing techniques. The video features a boy navigating through a trippy world filled with vibrant colors, psychedelic landscapes, and mind-bending visual effects. The VFX team's expertise and creativity bring an otherworldly feel to the video, adding a unique and captivating visual dimension to the music.

Directors: Stripmall - Production Company: Dreambear - Executive Producers: Evan Brown & Dave Gelb - Producer: Nicolette Moreno - Line Producer: Jagger Corcione - Production Manager: Michael Magana - Director of Photography: Jonathan Chou - Production Designer: Rickey Ramirez - Editors: Stripmall - VFX: Surpreeze & Thermonuclear - Colorist: Gabe Sanchez