In Love & War




Danish Feature Film



Our VFX team has worked on creating immersive and realistic environments and assets to bring the story of "In Love and War" to life. Using both computer generated imagery and physical miniature techniques, our artists has meticulously crafted every shot to accurately depict the time period and the setting of the film.

From sprawling battlefields to intimate indoor scenes, our team used a wide range of tools build the WW1 environments, vehicles, props and effects.

VFX Team: Angel Angelov, Christian Bechmann, Mathias N.D. Gjelstrup, Mathias Valentin Hansen, Kasper Kjær Hjelmager, Sammy H. Larsen, Emma Lidé, Constantin Maier, Ayham Marak, Matias Brandt Møller, Gustav Berg Pedersen, Marvin Schutte, Julius Theissen, Toke Rude Trangbæk, Niels Träff, Marwin Wanek, Mauro Boes, Marco Del Bianco, Emma Düring, Daniel French, Silas Puls